An Scéalaí The Storyteller

by Dun Aenghus

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Guy Mauseth
Guy Mauseth thumbnail
Guy Mauseth Great guitar and pipe leads! Favorite track: Coire Uisg (Loch Coruisk).
Karen beeri
Karen beeri thumbnail
Karen beeri another beautiful album that will take you on a journy, great work by 3 talented musicians. Favorite track: Torf Einarr.
Ninjafairy thumbnail
Ninjafairy I can't really say that I have a favourite track as I find the album to be exceptionally good! All songs just flow so easily into one another. Beautiful work! Favorite track: Siobhán.
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This is the second full album by Progressive Rock Trio Dun Aenghus.

"An Scéalaí~The Storyteller" is another wondrous journey into Celtic Lands. In it you will visit many a folk and hear many a tale, and be entranced by the words of the storyteller, the songs of the bard and the rapture of the piper's primal sounds.

Dun Aenghus are proud to be back, just 8 months after their first release, and are happy to share this fantastic collection of music with you. This process started in late May 2014, and after dealing with many of our own personal musical pursuits, our "virtual studio" opened in September 2014, at which point the creative juices really started to flow.

Important to know, the album has THIRTEEN (13) tracks, of which you can hear TWELVE (12) on SoundCloud. You can sneak a listen at our bonus track via iTunes. Thanks for listening!

"An Scéalaí ~ fortelleren" er en annen forunderlig reise inn i de keltiske land. I denne reisen vil du besøke mange «et folk» og høre mange «en fortelling». Reisen av fortelleren går gjennom magiske steder i Skottland og Irland samt kaste lys på historier som har opphav i viking tiden og Norge. Det nye verden er ikke glemt av fortelleren ettersom jakten på det gode liv forsetter i Canada.
Jeg vil takke band kollegaene Jeff McCarthy og Martin Neuhold for demmes bidrag i denne reisen. ---- Guy


released December 1, 2014

All music is written and performed by Dun Aenghus. As each of the Dun Aenghus members plays various instruments through the album, detailed credits are to be found under each song.



all rights reserved


Dun Aenghus Narvik, Norway

Dun Aenghus is a new Prog Rock Celtic band, a collaboration that is the union of 3 friends from Canada, Germany and Norway. We are inspired by bands such as Yes, Transatlantic, Genesis and many traditional Celtic arrangements.

Martin Neuhold (martinneuhold)
Guy Beeri Mauseth (Duke 21, Rude Duke)
Jeff McCarthy (electrocelte aka Supersonic Tartan Death Machine)
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Track Name: Siobhán
She is as fair
As a pale winter moon
Hair as black
As the night
She is the lass that
I choose to love
And I will with
All my might


My love is waiting
In the glen
My passion
My heart's desire
Spending the night
Sharing delights
In the warm glow
Of the fire


From the moors
To the mountaintop
To the lands far
Far away
She is the lass that
Goes with me
She's in my mind's eye

Track Name: Mountain Fairy
On the highest peaks of Carrauntoohil
In the County Kerry
There exists this legend
Of a winsome mountain fairy

You march alongside the Hag’s Glen
Dare to climb the Devil’s Ladder
By the day’s end aim for the sunset
This is the way you go to find her

She is the summer sun that shines
She is the breeze that whispers
She is the cool autumn rain
And the snows of winter

And should you venture up the mountain
And somehow cannot find your way
You can call out her true name
And she will keep you safe

A spirit of peace and rapture
Is the lovely mountain fairy
So if you ever get a chance
You come to County Kerry
Track Name: Morrison's: Public House
Ah there it is
Morrison's Jig
A fine Irish tune
But as we listen to the pennywhistle
I can tell you a tale of another man named Morrison
He came over to Quebec from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland
Ended up in the East
In the Haut Saint Francois
Where many of his people went
Donald Morrison was a cowboy
He was good with horses, russling cattle, and good at shooting
He was able to afford a plot of land and build a home
And eventually
Could afford to bring the rest of his family over from Lewis
But in dealing with an unscrupulous moneylender
Resulted in Morrison losing his home
He was furious
Confronting the new "owners"
They claimed he burnt down a barn
And for this he came a wanted man
An American bounty hunter thought he could capture Donald and turn him in
And in an epic shootout in downtown Megantic
Lucius Warren met his maker
And so, Donald's flight began
Megantic, Stornoway, Nantes, Scotstown, Milan, Bury, Gould
He moved between these places for not 1, not 2 but 10 months, and
All the while the law was hot on his trail
And Donald was able to evade them,
In the greatest manhunt in Canadian history...
Track Name: Morrison's: Outlaw
Morrisons are gone awa'
To the Haut Saint François
Their son Donald is in the west
Riding shooting
Doing what he does best
Came back with money
In his hand
He built a farm
On his new bought land
But the rich man came
And the rich man play
And took the Morrison farm away

Run through the bushes
Hide in the ditches
Another midnight flight
I've been running all night
Over hill
Through the glen
To Stornoway
And back again
Over hill
Through the glen
To Scotstown, Bury
And back again

A bounty hunter in
Main street Megantic
Warren Spots Morrison
People are getting frantic
Pulls back the trench coat
He's got a gun
Donald draws first
And the battle is won
Bang bang two shots fired
His eyes wide open expression dire
As the yank goes down
Donald looks around
And he knows that the law is coming to town

Run through the ditches
Hide in the bushes
Breakfast with Wee Mairi
Police are following me
Tea and scones
With MacIvers at five
Supper in the attic at MacPhersons
Move through darkness to stay alive

Morrisons are gone awa'
To the Haut Saint François
Their son Donald is in the west
Riding shooting
Doing what he does best
Came back with money
In his hand
He built a farm
On his new bought land
But the law man came
And the law man say
We're going to have to lock Morrison away